Terms & Conditions

Our website is dedicated to provide with top quality software to meet your diversified needs for using email platforms. All products services, and information displayed in our portal will be subjected to the terms and conditions which are listed below.

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  • Only registered users are allowed to make shopping of our products.
  • We have the right to end your membership if we notice you committing any unfavourable act against our company
  • In future, we don’t give the authority to the users to use our site whose membership has been terminated by us for any reason


  • We ensure that whatever the software you purchase from us should be real value of the product (pricing error may occur)
  • In case your ordered product is not dispatched due to incorrect info about pricing of the following product, the order will not be considered, we will notify you about this via mail
  • The payment should be processed before dispatching the ordered product
  • In case, the ordered product is cancelled by us after payment, the following amount will be sent back to you.

Credit Card Details

  • Users who are using credit cards to shop our product, make sure it is their own credit card
  • Provide correct info about the card, don’t worry as the shared information will be kept safe with us
  • We will be not considered responsible for any credit card scam unless law claims we are responsible for this

Fraudulent Transactions

  • We have the right to collect charges from buyers who are using fraudulently
  • We have the authority to take legal action against the particular person

For Our Website Security

  • Our site security plays an important role; we don’t allow any third party to make any change in our site without our permission. We may take strict action against the person.
  • If you obstruct any of our customers by spamming or mail bombing, we have the authority to take legal action against this
  • All the information we are sharing is unique and no one can copy this. Copying our site content will be considered copyright infringement.
  • We don’t give permission to use any software or device to interrupt our site services

Account & Registration Obligations

  • The personal information you share with us should be clear and accurate
  • All your personal data is safe with us. But we request you to maintain confidentiality of your account and password
  • If you are failed to keep your user ID and password confidential, we don’t take any liability for this.

Copyright & Trademark

  • We would like to clear that only we have the right to maintain the site content and bring any change.
  • Only we have the copyright of all our shared content that you can see
  • No one can modify our site until our permission
  • You cannot copy our site content