What Makes OST Files Inaccessible

How OST Files Get Inaccessible? Get Elaborated Info Here!

Outlook is a personal info manager created by one and only Microsoft®. Outlook forms the part of MS Office suite. OST stands for Offline Storage Table which is an Outlook data file that enables user to access contents in the Offline folder when you are not connected to MS Exchange server. These folders are automatically formed. Outlook keeps a copy of Outlook data file such as OST file with .ost file extension. OST file is synchronized when get connected with Exchange

How OST File turn Inaccessible? OST files turn inaccessible because of two main reasons such as

  • Hardware issues: Due to unauthorized access or some changes to Offline folders or else when file is moved from one source into another then hardware troubles may crop up. Hardware components play a crucial role while maintaining reliability of OST files. If there are some hardware issues then OST files get inaccessible. Hardware troubles are explained in detailed below:

  • Storage mediums: OST files are automatically stores on user’s hard drive as cached copy. In case of hard drive damage, the files failed to be accessed. The defects in the storage device may make OST file completely inaccessible
  • Power failure: An organization requires regular power supply and so is your PC while working on OST file. If system comes across power failure or any sort of interruption then it will affect synchronization process which resultantly makes OST files completely inaccessible
  • Network errors: OST files are cached copy of original files that are synchronized at every attempt when get connected to Exchange server. The network connection plays a crucial role while performing synchronization. In case of any hurdles with network devices such as Network Interface Card, routers or even with cables then network hurdles may likely to come up. Suppose network is lost while synchronizing the updates will not be made to save into OST files. This will result into data loss and cause data inaccessibility.

Software Issues: OST files are moved from one medium into another. There are immense of the software application to fulfill such a need. The applications sometimes make OST file inaccessible. The software connected matters are a follows:

  • Malicious software: Users may make use of recovery software applications for recovering OST file and might be those software tools comprises of virus or Trojans which makes OST file inaccessible and finally turn troublesome.
  • Outlook Termination: OST files are available in Outlook. Whenever users need to access MS Outlook to view and bring modifications then Outlook connection get terminated because of power loss etc. The alterations failed to be saved and may cause damage to PST files and bring data inaccessibility.
  • Failure in OST file synchronization: OST file offers a feature where user can work in the offline mode and changes that are made offline get automatically saved while synchronizing to Exchange server. In case of any interruption to Exchange server, the alterations that are made to folder file may cause data inconsistency which badly affects synchronization to the server. In case of file synchronization failure, the server fails to recognize the file and this will make OST file inaccessible.
  • File system recovery Issues: In case of OST file damage, user attempt to recover the file. While trying to recover damaged OST file, the file become more corrupted and finally become inaccessible.

Final Conclusion: In the situations where OST files turn into damage scenarios, it is really next to impossible to recover the database. In case where OST files turn inaccessible then make conversion of OST files into PST so that data accessibility is an ease. This will help you to access OST file locally on Outlook. Outlook PST file is s shortened form for personal storage table used by Outlook when not connected accurately with Exchange. Thus if your OST file is inaccessible then migrate OST files into PST to view data with ease.

In this regard, many solutions are facilitated so that OST files can be saved into PST. As there is unavailability of manual solution for conversion of OST into PST then third-party tools are highly recommended through online way out. There are several solutions are available in this regard which makes it tough to make out for the best one. However, the recommendation is to make use of simple to use application. Also consider factors such as reliability, comfort and hassle-free ways.