What is NSF File? Everything You Should Know

Know all About NSF File In Advance Prior Moving Ahead

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NSF is shortened for Notes Storage Facility which leads to creation of database file used by Lotus Notes. This file stores data such as emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, appointments and lots more. In so many stances, NSF files also called as object store. In several scenario, Lotus Notes user make modifications in database which fortunately get synchronized by Domino server in the form of MBD file.

NSF file Structure: This is consisted of so many elements such as:

  • Byte order
  • little-endian
  • Date and time values Notes
  • Characteristics
  • Description
  • Character string

Know about NSF layout:

  • bucket descriptor block
  • bitmap
  • various
  • superblock
  • Record Relocation Vector bucket
  • file header
  • database header
  • summary bucket
  • non-summary buckets

Know about data stored in Lotus Notes:

  • Design note
  • Access control list note
  • Icon note
  • Resource
  • Help-using document

Know summary and non-summary in Lotus Notes NSF file: Summary refers to summary Information about all the items stored in NSF file. The examples are date, time, info regarding author. As far as non-summary is concerned, it includes info like formatted text, pictures, and so many more.

Details about data as well as Non-Data Info: Data means various content items and non data refers to metadata items.

What is data type in NSF File?

Time n date: Time data structure of Lotus Notes along with Domino server comprises of 32-bit values which encode time zone, daylight savings, time, date, as well as time settings. On the initial basis, 32 Bit comprises of hundredths of seconds seeing as Greenwich meantime or midnight.

Types of Lotus Notes Editions:

  • Notes 1.x, 2x
  • Notes 3.x
  • Notes 4.x
  • Notes 5.x
  • Notes 6, 7 and 8
  • Notes 8
  • Notes 8.5

NSF File Encryption Details: Usually users do not expect that undue interference of user others in the data stored in NSF file and this is why data protection is advised. NSF file encryption is the best way to save access of people with evil desires. Ways of NSF data encryption are as follows:

  • Mail Encryption
  • Port Encryption
  • Database Encryption
  • Document Encryption
  • Field Encryption

What is by default location of Lotus Notes? The default location of Lotus Notes varies from single user to multi user. The following are the locations:

Single User: Windows: –

C:\Programs Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data

Multi User:

  • Mac OS: – ~/Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data
  • Linux: – / {$HOME}/Lotus/Notes/Data
  • Windows XP: – \Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data
  • Windows Vista: – \Users\AppData\Local\Lotus\Notes\Data
  • Windows 7: – \Users\Username\AppData\Local\Lotus\Notes\Data
  • Windows 8: – \Users\Username\AppData\Local\Lotus\Notes\Data

Entire concept of NSF File explained:

NSF file is basically used to store professional details along with personal details. There is no big issue in saving data into Lotus Notes. This application provides facility of easy mail search option. It is comfortable to delete, insert, edit and even apply command from contact list.

Lotus Notes File Extensions: Mailbox.nsf, headline.nsf, Busytime.nsf, Bookmark.nsf, preweb.nsf, and internet.nsf.

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