What is Merge Outlook and how to perform merging multiple PST files?

When we join more than one Outlook file and make it a strong PST file. The combining of these files is known as merging.

It is one of the drawbacks of Outlook old versions that they provide limited file size access. As long as the volume of data stored exceeds, the file would not work perfectly and creates issues in Outlook performance and can lead to file corruption.

Reasons to join PST files

  • Outlook file corruption issue
  • Slow Outlook performance
  • Tough to handle various PST files
  • To avoid sharing of files one by one
  • Avoid sudden deletion of Outlook files

Microsoft has resolved size issue problem in recent Outlook versions like 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Now, a new issue arises, users who have old Outlook versions need to import all their data into larger single PST files that can be used with newer Outlook versions.

Ways to join various PST files at a time

There are two ways to merge Outlook PST files.

  • Manual method
  • Professional method

The manual method needs to follow carefully and errors might occur in case of skipping any step. Moreover, users who are not familiar with Outlook wizard and other technical terms, users find it slightly difficult.

Professional Method

A simple and quick way to merge multiple PST files by using a professional Merge PST tool . The user-interface of the tool is so simple that it does not require any technical expertise to work on the software. The tool combines all items such as emails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks and eliminates duplicate data while merging. Some of the specific PST files get merged by the application to avoid unnecessary assembling of data. No alterations to the original files are done. The tool supports password protected Outlook PST files and you can swiftly save the output results at user-defined location. The software can perform easy working on all Window operating systems.