Ways of Exporting Thunderbird Files to Outlook

How to Export Mozilla Thunderbird emails into Outlook?

Organization runners and home users are free to select the email applications as per their need and convenience. The email client is an unavoidable need when it is to accomplish emailing needs. There are some scenarios, where shift from one email application to another is unavoidable.

Know about Mozilla Thunderbird: Thunderbird is an open source emailing application help users in managing business related needs. Mozilla has developed Thunderbird. It helps in managing various emails, news feed, newsgroup accounts, and so on. It also offers features such as quick search, message filtering, and grouping which makes it comfortable to be used.

Know about MS Outlook: Outlook is an emailing client help users when it is to manage personal and business emailing accounts. It is largely used for sharing mailbox as well as exchange of public folders by innumerous users within and outside organization.

First method – Steps for saving Thunderbird into Outlook:

  • Start the process by opening Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Then open Folders containing messages which are required to be exported
  • Choose the messages which you need to export by pressing and holding ctrl key
  • After this right click and choose the option forward as attachment from the drop down menu
  • You will get a new mail message which gets open with the chosen emails. Then enter the Outlook email ID in which email messages gets exported. Then press ‘Send’
  • Open MS Outlook and press Send/Receive option for receiving the exported emails
  • Then click Inbox in Outlook. Open emails consisted of attachments. Right click and then select and move the folder option for exporting emails to the needed folders

Second method: Download Import/Export tool add ons for exporting emails to the destination folders

  • Then install Import/Export tool add ons for Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Restart Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Right click and choose select Import/Export tools and then sub select the Export of all the messages in folder. Press EML file format
  • Then open Windows Live Mail
  • Choose the specific messages that are required to be moved into newly created folder
  • Choose the location of message folder containing exported EML emails
  • Drag EML messages to Windows Live Mail
  • Choose Windows Mail. Press Open menu and then choose Export Email along with Email messages/MS Exchange. Choose the folder containing EML files

Second method: In case, you discover that above mentioned two methods are not workable and doing nothing fruitful then move for some other way out. You may go for seeking professional help such as MBOX to PST wizard which supports converting MBOX file into PST. Thunderbird saves data in .mbx file and for moving emails from Thunderbird to Outlook ensure for converting MBOX files into PST. The wizard will really work for you

As soon as email export process gets over and after you achieve PST file, open Outlook. To do this, follow the simple step such as:

  • File>>Open>> Open Outlook data File>>Choose PST file that need to be viewed

It is this concluded that email exportation or importation from one platform into another is manageable with easy conversion methods.