Refund Policy

We have our simple refund policy which is all about product and support services failure. We have set some criteria for refund to maintain the trust you have on us. Please go through it!

Refund will be made when:

  • If our product doesn’t perform the purpose for which it has been designed for, contact our support team. They are available 24 x7 hours to assist customers. Our expert unit tries to solve the problem through Remote Session Connectivity.  You may analyse the database through LAB so the database would be sent to laboratory. If the expert fails to fix the issue then refundable amount would be transferred to the same credit/debit/bank account.
  • If the ordered product is not available in full version
  • If our customer care team fails to guide you well for the software installation
  • We offer try before you buy offer with an intention that money back offer guarantee of products and services with full transparency

SoftKnoll is not responsible to consider refund for any one of the following case:

  • In case you have made wrong shopping accidently, suppose, you would like to buy the individual version but bought the industrial version, the refund will be not considered
  • We don’t take the responsibility of misdirect emails (emails have not received or gone to wrong recipient)
  • You have missed the date of installation and the activation date is bounced
  • In case, the activation email is marked as spam by your email service
  • You have successfully made all the process of shopping like payment is done and now you don’t want the product
  • You have purchased the software accidently
  • After installing the app you are getting difficulties to operate it on your system
  • Weekend delay to process the product
  • Unable to run the app in my computer because the system is unable to fulfil the basic needs of the software
  • Miss-interpretation with the client while taking technical support from our tech support team
  • The ordered product is damaged due to your fault
  • You have crossed the due date of return

Our utmost request is to get free trial before getting license of any product from us

  • An email including license key will be sent to your provided emails right after the payment is received by us.
  • Live technical support service is available to assist you regarding the software installation.

(Note: Upgrading is considered but not downgrading. For example, you have accidently ordered individual version instead of commercial one, in this case the product will be upgraded on your request.)

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