How to Install and Configure MS Outlook on your PC

Know Regarding Installation and Configuration of Outlook on PC

About Microsoft® Outlook: Outlook is a personal information manager created by Microsoft®. Outlook is in fact the part of MS Office suite. It is a standalone application with Exchange where there are multiple users. It help specific group of people to exchange meeting schedules, share mailboxes, public folders and so on. It is consisted of so many other lineaments as well such as note taking task managers, calendars, contact manager, and web browsing etc. Outlook comes in several editions.

What is the exact process to install and configure Outlook? The manual method is consisted few steps when it is to install MS® Outlook. The step-by step process is as follows:

Note: This procedure needs user info, server info and log info as well. The process requires user information (user name and email address), server information (account type incoming mail server POP3 and outgoing mail server SMTP) and log on information (email address and password). The steps are as follows:

  • First of all open MS Outlook from start menu on PC
    Then, choose accounts from Tools
  • Click Add button available on Internet accounts. Choose Mail
  • You will find Internet connection wizard prompts up, so that you enter the display name
  • Then press ‘Click’
  • The wizard also expects from you to enter email ID which is to be added to Outlook after entering emailing address
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Set up Exchange sever names for emails. You can set Incoming mail server POP3 and for this, you are expected to add port number 110. To set up outgoing mail server SMTP, add port number 587 to your account and then press ‘Next’.
  • The wizard will pop up to enter email ID as well as the password soon after entering the credentials select log in on usage of SPA or Secure Password Authentication and after this press ‘Next’
  • Press Finish in order to save account details
  • Then open Internet account wizard which will display the server names. It is also consisted of several tabs which let you add and remove the names of the servers too.
  • Then press on several server tabs when it is to make desired alterations. This will also set up SSL or Secure Sockets Layer and then press OK
  • The server created a need for secure connection for avoiding authentication troubles so make sure to enable SSL and port 465 for SMTP
  • Outlook provides GUI for sending and receiving emails to your PC

How to create a fresh account in Configured Outlook?

  • First of all open Auto Account wizard on MS Outlook and then add email a/c from file menu
  • The email page permits you to add account. Click ‘Next’
  • The auto account wizard will ask you for entering email a/c details such as email address, password as soon as you enter credentials. Press ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘Finish’

Outlook provides with secured authentication so that emails can send and received in a secured manner. This is why installation of Outlook on your PC is absolutely safe and sound to use.

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